Most frequent questions and answers


Technically yes, however the ink in the standard cartridge offered has not been designed for printing on human skin so we don’t actively recommend that. If we see a very high demand to us our device for temporary tattoos, we might look into the opportunity to develop a special ink cartridge and maybe a primer to be applied in the skin before printing.

Yes, it can. If a temporary imprint is desired just apply it directly. The imprint will wash away in your washing machine and you are ready for a new customized imprint. Be careful not to expose the imprint to rain because it will smudge. Normal contact is okay. If you want a permanent imprint, you have to use a special fixative spray for canvas that we will be selling as a consumable for a reasonable price.

Yes it can. If the imprint is done on untreated (raw) wood, then it will stay there permanently and it is difficult to remove it (sanding is recommended). If the imprint is done on wood with some kind of surface treatment (painting, varnishing, etc) then most probably can be wiped away. Testing on a hidden portion of the material is recommended. If the permanent imprint is required then an inkjet fixative spray is recommended. We will be selling such products as consumables for reasonable pricing.

Theoretically yes but it is tricky, particularly if the glass is fully transparent. First of all, the imprint will be easily removable (non-permanent) and sensitive to touch (it will smudge). To apply the imprint, the PrintBrush XDR needs to navigate on another non-transparent surface (such as a piece of cardboard or a piece of plastic sheet). If the permanent imprint is desired, an inkjet fixative spray is recommended.

Yes, it can but it depends very much on the type of plastic and the roughness of the surface. Most likely the imprint will be easy to remove and sensitive to touch. If permanent imprint is desired, an inkjet fixative spray would need to be applied prior to the imprint. We will be selling such sprays as consumables for reasonable pricing. Test on invisible areas or separate sample is highly advisable.

As a water-based dye ink, the ink of our standard cartridge is not waterproof. As for other applications, we will be looking forward to develop specialty inks for all different kinds of purposes and applications. We know that the ability of our printer to print upon almost any type of surface, gets boosted if we offer different kinds of inks. Therefore, we are already actively looking into this.

Yes, there is. We have released a beta version into TestFlight (Need to download TestFlight app first) on this link:


We are planning to release the final version this week directly on the App Store and then post weekly updates until full functionality achieved.

The PrintBrush XDR has two small “wings” on every side. Every wing has a small mark in the middle. The wing shows the entire height of the imprint swath and the mark shows the exact middle of the imprint swath. On the app, there is a switch called “Positioning ref.” when switched on, it will show a semi-transparent image overlay that looks exactly like the wing with its mark seen from above. With these two things, you can position the imprint with very high accuracy.

Yes it can. It can really print in all positions and orientations. Horizontally, vertically and even upside down too.

No. You don’t need a WiFi router. You can connect directly to your device by choosing its name on the WiFi list of your smartphone/tablet/PC. Click to connect and enter the password. When you open your app, you have to enter the printer’s name and password on “Connection settings” below the main menu.